Scope of the rifle that is being attached with the viewfinder is the main way to target the aim through the right eye with steady holdings I do grab the gun and then the enemy is into the cross hair of the viewfinder the adrenalin rush is very high, and the inner feelings tempt whether I will win or not the race is to live the hunter used to get the food from his hunting.

The enemy is well under control and, the fingers are near the trigger he presses the trigger, and then the enemy is being hit the enemy is a bunny and he the hunter is longing for food for a long time, and he is euphoric with his work. The Hunter does have a family, and he needs to concentrate in the way he needs to support his family. Many thoughts came running in his mind and then he had decided to start hunting ducks and then sell in the nearby market and then the hunting is being gone on for a while, and then he grew as a small businessman,


And then he started to concentrate on making the business as a bigger one, so he went to another area, and he become so successful hunting more animals, and at the mean time he had a baby and it is a male and then he was overjoyed he named his son trump and then he raised him as a business man he himself has his own ideas later in his life he was not successful in his life he was divorced by his wife’s two times and later he joined with Melanie trump a model who is a good looking woman at this period the wall a millionaire and the age difference between them is 37 years and he aimed for the president election,

And later achieved that milestone too and thus he and his wife become the first lady and the first men of the United States of America after his appointment he sworn that Muslim terror groups will be eradicated from the bases like Pakistan and by this act experts claim that during this period there might be possibility of the third world war and many believe that he must be dethroned from the president post has there is a huge danger for the country and the mankind the ex-president does have the same idea as the experts, and now it is almost out of control, and a hunter is accompanying the white house by terms of dictionary,

And this is very danger situation for the people nearby the pledge that the keyword that he will make his country great again as he say like this many h1b visa people from the Asian and European regions are very scared on the actions and speeches of the hunter and the result will be seen well in advance in the upcoming months or years but most probably will he make America great again is just an element of surprise or an unanswerable questionMore info:

Making a target to hit and getting a success story is always inspiring. Every successive shot that is being hit will be a page in the history of America that will make more interesting incidents. After the period of Obama, the country is more panic about the future whether the new hunter will work efficiently as the leader in past. The new chief sees through the new scope, but his aim may be different from the head in the past. The entire family is waiting to achieve greater heights and will they be happy after the end of the leader’s adventure? Only time can answer this question.

Unlike the last leader, this leader is more greedy this can affect the lifestyle of the family. Regarding the enemy’s the head target is the terrorists from the Asian Muslim country Pakistan and his aim is to destroy the base of terrorism and make the world peace. This terrorism is not the only problem for the leader he does have problems like having a cold war like situation with China and other similar superpowers.

Nuclear energy is the only thing the manager is more careful via United Nations organization all past leaders and the new leaders tries to control this thing. North Korea is also a problem with the head. Experts had said that a single bad shot by the head could pave the way for the third world war. China will try to acquire the position of United States by making a direct attack against the superpower. This change in the hat in white house had attracted many eyes of other nations.

As the leader is a business man, he does have more ideas to make the country more suitable to do business. The leader is more focused on making America more greater again. All the eyes are the hunter who is having a pack of scopes in his bag to make more successful targets either it is short ranged or long ranged and will the hunter use his range in right way to achieve victory; the answer can be obtained as time goes further.Regards cs

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